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    Best Rival Gaming Casinos 

    Compared to most of its leading competitors, Rival Gaming is still an infant among the online casino industry. However, even being established as recently as 2006, Rival Gaming does just as its name implies, rivaling the biggest brands in the business.

    While other online casino software platforms put the focus on quantity of games, new releases and more online slots than you may ever be able to play, Rival Gaming has shifted its concentration to spotlight the quality of each and every game it develops. The end result is a slower progression of new game releases, but a more advanced, graphical and smoother experience for the player.

    Rival Gaming set its attention on player accommodation as well, offering multiple platforms to compete in the global OS market (i.e. compatible with PC/Mac/Linux). Additionally, Rival Gaming gives each of its software licensees the right to choose their own player acceptance. For this reason, most Rival casinos welcome US players with open arms.

    The online casino software developer has one more noteworthy mention, and that is the exclusive provision of the famous “I-Slot”. Rival began developing these revolutionary, interactive online slots several years ago, and now offers a complete collection of nine I-Slots extremely popular. Use your phone to deposit at a casino and we’ll talk a bit more about these in the “Rival Gaming Games” section below.

    Rival Gaming Platforms

    There’s plenty we can say about Rival Gaming’s exquisite casino software suite – like the elite 3D graphics and incredibly smooth game play; the extreme stability and lightning fast speed; the dire attention to security and fairness in all games – but the headliner here is Rival’s commitment to global OS compatibility.

    Rival announced months back that it was in the process of developing a Mac-friendly casino software platform, one that would be available for download, not just via in-browser Flash. Not too long before that announcement, Rival didn’t even have an instant-play version for Mac users. First, the Flash casino went into effect to accommodate Mac casino fans, but Rival did not diverge from its intended plan. Alas, Rival Gaming is the first, and currently the only, online casino software brand to offer players a fully compatible Mac-friendly casino download (that does not require a PC Emulator running in the background, eating up your resources!)

    Rival Gaming Games

    The only complaint you’ll likely hear about rival Gaming is the lack of game variety. It’s not a lack, really – Rival does present all of the favorites, classics and then some. But the company hasn’t taken that extra step to include extra variations of the more popular games, like some other casino brands have. For example, you’ll find two versions of Blackjack, single-Hand and Multi-Hand. You won’t find 40+ versions with the slightest rule changes here and there. You’ll find American and European roulette, but no French, Common or Mini Roulette. Other favorites at Rival include Baccarat, Craps, Caribbean Stud, War, Let It Ride, Pai Gow, Red Dog and Three Card Poker.

    The same complaint is often said of the Video Poker variety. There are plenty of video poker games to choose from, but no extreme list of multi-hand variations. All are offered in the standard video poker format.

    Most of the comments on Rival Gaming software are good one. In fact, an overwhelming number of players, mostly online slots lovers, rave about the brand for its incredible I-Slots. These are interactive slot machines with variable storylines. Each time a player starts a session, they are privy to a new plot, twisting and turning across the reels with the player’s achievements and decisions throughout. They also come with intense, 3D bonus features, free spins and more to keep players enthralled.

    Other games on the Rival Gaming platform include standard online slots – 3 reels, 5 reels and progressives, a few scratch cards, plus the exclusive offering of the Sudoku Box Game. All told, there are more than 65 online casino games on the Rival Gaming roster.

    Rival Gaming for US Players

    Rival Gaming is proud to accept US players. The choice to accept or decline is ultimately left up to the casinos licensing Rival Gaming software. Fortunately, most of them are more than happy to welcome US casino fans into their virtual establishments.

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    Craps is a Casino game 

    Craps is kind of a funny name for a game; it comes from the French word Crapaud, meaning toad, and the modern style of play originated in New Orleans, USA. The game started as a street game, in which the players bet against each other but it is now a bank game, which means that the casino or online gaming site allows players to compete in a more structured environment in which they bet against the house.

    Craps is a game that can look very complicated because there are so many different types of bets to place. Most of the bets are sucker bets, with bad odds, and only bet upon by an experienced gambler. The simplest bet, the pass line bet has good odds and still makes the game a lot of fun for a gambler with any level experience. Craps is played with a shooter, the person that tosses the two dice across the table and whoever would like to gather around the table and bet on what the shooter will roll. When it comes to online craps, you obviously don’t actually get to throw the die like you would at a brick and mortar casino, the computer software at an online casino randomly generates the dice throws, but it can still be an exciting game. Credit cards are accepted at online casinos so you can start playing craps.

    How to Play Craps

    The game of craps is played in what are called rounds. The first roll of the dice is the come-out roll, and this roll either decides the point number or if a 7 or 11 is rolled the shooter and pass line bettors win but on the other hand if the shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12 the shooter and the pass line bettors lose. If the shooter gets a point number they keep rolling until they roll their point number or they roll a 7, in which case they and the pass line bettors lose and the next shooter starts a new round.

    Betting on craps really depend on what odds you are looking for and how much money you want to win or lose. In craps, there are many different ways to bet, many of them not worth your money. The main type of bet we recommend because they are the two with the best odds are the ‘Pass’ or ‘Don’t Pass’ line bets. This means that you are betting on whether the shooter will either win the round, ‘Pass’ or lose the round ‘Don’t Pass’. To place one of these kinds of bets, you place at least the table minimum amount of chips in the ‘Pass’ or ‘Don’t Pass’ line areas on the board. Once a point number is rolled by the shooter you are allowed to back up your bet with another bet by placing an additional wager of chips behind your original bet. If you are a beginner, this is probably the easiest way to go, even though it doesn’t pay out as much money as some of the other bets. The best strategy for these bets is to go with someone who is on a roll with shooting the dice and bet accordingly.

    There are also single roll bets that payoff on a single roll of the dice. These kinds of rolls pay better, but there is a greater chance that you will lose your money at a much faster pace.

    The last kind of bets you can place in craps is multi-roll bets. These are the biggest payouts, but you have to let your chips ride over a number of rounds so it takes more patience and more experience to know exactly what is happening in the game.

    Craps Tips

    Many online casinos like Casino Tropez and brick and mortar casinos have their own rules of play, so when you shoot or bet on craps, you should check out the casino rules before you play. When you are the shooter pick up and handle the die with only one hand, the casinos so not like you to touch them with two hands because it much easier to switch the die out with two hands as opposed to just one. Also when you are the shooter you must have the die hit the other side of the table after they bounce, this ensures it’s a random throw of the die.

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